This is a book about the British sculptor and weaver, Joslyn Tilson, still working strong in 2018 aged 84. As Jos says... "It was designed by Jake, whose books are often about art and family. Ten years ago - standing in my studio in Tuscany - taking photographs, he decided to make a record of my work. This book is the result. "
As with previous books by Jake Tilson such as A Tale of 12 Kitchens and In at The Deep End, Cooking Fish from Venice to Tokyo, he draws upon family photographs and archives to tell the story..

Joslyn Tilson, a Life in Art2018Softback, 76 pages, 28.5 x 21 cm
Published by Atlas
ISBN-10: 0907508588

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She was born in 1934 in Edinburgh the daughter of Flavia Birrell, and Alistair Morton, an abstract painter, weaver, and head of the fabric firm Edinburgh Weavers. It traces her time at Corsham art school in the 1950s, meeting her husband, Joe Tilson, in Rome and their life together in London, Wiltshire, Tuscany and Venice through the 1960s until now.

Edinburgh, Cumberland, New Jersey 1934-1951.
Corsham, Bath Academy of Art 1951-55.
Milan, Rome 1956.
Cefalù, Sicily 1956.
L Ametlla de Mar, Spain and Venice 1957.
London 1957-1970.
Catalyst magazine 1970-72.
Tuscany 1970.
Wiltshire 1972.
Galerie Besson, 2010.
Venice, 2002.
Weavings of Venice, Bugno Gallery, Venice 2015.