£25.00 plus p&p

Finding Tsukiji - Tokyo's Chaotic Fish Market201920.5 x 14.3 cm, soft-back book
188pp, digital print,
wholesale trader-stickers from Japan,
seafood stickers, tip-ins, fold-out map,
rubber stamps

This work brings together a selection of photographs from Tilson's encyclopedic series of books Looking at Cities - Tsukiji Fish Market, as a starting point to make a multi layered "artists book", including many elements added by hand.

These books are part of an ongoing studio project, a tribute to the former Tsukiji market, which was closed due to relocation. Over the past 10 years Jake has documented the market, made a series of books and started making artworks from his research.

What we eat,
how we cook,
where we shop,
is changing…
losing cultural links to our past

This project celebrates
the Tsukiji Fish Market