Atlas 1198528 pp, 113⁄4” x 73⁄4”, 29 x 19 cms.
wire stitched, edition of 2000.
plus 20 page booklet insert The World is Round.
Atlas Travel Kit in a plastic bag.
Tri-lingual English, French German.
Offset litho 1,2, & full colour Canon xerox.
Published by The Woolley Dale Press
ISSN 0267-484X

Aldous Eveleigh
Judith King
Dhruva Mistry
Chris Najman
Martin Spanyol
Joost Swarte
Jake Tilson
Greg Todd
Stephen Whitaker

Editor: Jake Tilson,
associate editor: Stephen Whitaker.
Published by The Woolley Dale Press

His publications are crammed with messages, mementos and visual clues to our culture, ephemera collaged into the spirit of the age, a map of its geography.
Patrick Kinmouth - VOGUE- 1986