A stencil typeface that reproduces the font used on street and canal signs in Venice. These white washed rectangles on which place names are stencilled are called nizioleto/nizioleti in Venetian, translated from the Italian piccolo lenzuolo/a – little sheet, bed sheet, small sheet. Jake photographed signs across the city to make this version. Since 2003 he has been working on other versions. His ongoing research has revealed at least 4 different stencil sets used in Venice. Recently he was invited to see the current stencils in the Comune offices in Venice from which he is producing another digital typeface to give to the Venice Comune.

The Italian alphabet doesn't have traditionally have the characters: J, K, W, X and Y. These characters in Venice are often made from other letters and hand painting.

Name: Venice Nizioleto
Date: 2003
Foundry: Atlas
Weight: roman
Tags: Venice, nizioleto, street, city, stencil, revival, display, uppercase, serif

The character set for this font includes: 2 uppercase sets, 2 numeral sets and accented variants for most Latin script languages.

Nizioleti in Venice don't have numerals, but the buildings do have civic numbers. These have been used in the Nizioleto typeface. A second set of numerals uses a supermarket window display stencil as its source, Via Garibaldi. Since closed.

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