Inspired by registration numbers hand-painted on Scottish fishing boats. Each boat has a number of 1, 2 or 3 letters preceding a number – such as BF104 for Banff.

Each character was hand drawn and then painted on A4 sheets before being scanned. The typeface is designed to be used as two layers, giving the effect of a 3D typeface. Designed originally for use in the book In at the Deep End.

Name: Scottish Trawler
Date: 2008-11
Foundry: Atlas
Weight: 2-layer, shadowed
Tags: Scottish, fishery, fishing, trawler, haddock, otter boards, display, revival, Victorian, serif, 3D, shadow.

The character set for this font includes: uppercase, numerals and accented variants for most Latin script languages.

In at the Deep End,
Jake Tilson, Quadrille books 2011

Below: source photographs

At work in the studio

Below: sketchbook, and A4 painted characters