A decorative display typeface inspired by iron eel spears from Europe and North America. Designed for use in the project A Net of Eels.
The rather barbaric method of catching eels using barbed spears was practised in Europe and North America. Some spears merely snag an eel which can then be kept alive and taken to market, other spears impale their prey. Some spears are saw toothed others have hooks, barbs and blades. Most are made from wrought iron and called a glaive, or greave.

Name: Eel Spear
Date: 2009
Foundry: Atlas
Weight: iron
Tags: 1800s, decorative, iron, eels, fishing, Fenland, spears, trident, glaive, serif, estuary, river, Wapping, Ely

The character set for this font includes: uppercase and numeral.

Rubber stamp alphabet, 2009

Eel Spear, Jake Tilson, rubber stamp on wood vennered Japanese paper, 2009

Working notes

Eel Spears, Jake Tilson,
mixed media, 2009

Richmond Eel Pie, Jake Tilson,
Recipe banner, rubber stamp on linen, installtion view, A Net of Eels, Wapping Project, 2009