A decorative display typeface inspired by the Atlantic eel – Anguilla anguilla.
Designed originally for use in the project A Net of Eels. This typeface is the first of four proposed fonts: each font would use a specific species of eel to create a family: light, medium, bold, extra bold. Anguilla anguilla is probably the bold sized eel species.

Bold - Atlantic Eel East, Anguilla anguilla.
Extra bold - Atlantic Eel West, Anguilla rostrata.
Medium - Pacific Eel North, Anguilla japonica.
Light - Pacific Eel West, Anguilla marmorata.

Name: Atlantic Eel
Date: 2009
Foundry: Atlas
Weight: bold
Tags: anguilla, sargasso, jellied, bisato, eel pie, cursive, non flowing script, swash, lagoon, Kantei-ryu, Kabuki.

The character set for this font includes: uppercase and numerals.

Irish Banquet, Oxford Symposium of Food & Cookery, menu

Atlantic Eel, rubber stamp alphabet.
Limited edition print

Unagi kabayaki sauce, Jake Tilson,
recipe banner, rubber stamped on linen, 2009.
Installation view: Wapping Project