Urban Feast200840 page cookbook, 280 x 215mm
Promotional flyer /
DVD packaging

A free cookbook and DVD produced for the London Borough of Croydon celebrating the various communities, markets and allotments.
Jake Tilson worked closely with Davina Christmas and Paul Johnson of the Arts Developement Team in developing the contents and approach to this wonderful project. He spent many days taking photos of the shops, markets, streets and food in the borough - and designed a typeface called Croydon Street based on the cast-iron Victorian street signage..
Rather than working in a professional kitchen or studio for the recipe photography Paul Johnson found domestic kitchens for us to visit - a serious treat indeed. All of these home cooks were extremely hospitable, sharing their recipes with us.
The title for the book came from students at the Cotelands Pupil Referral Unit, who were involved with all aspects of the project. 

Urban Feast was been made possible thanks to the stories and recipes of
Eva Kwasniewski
Francesca Quagraine
Lloyd Dwyer
Myoi Cao
Renia Ward
Sam Bowen
Shamini Sivapadham