Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery

The Oxford Food Symposium is the original international conference for people with a broad interest in food. Attended by scholars in different fields, enthusiastic amateurs, writers and chefs. Contributions are invited but not obligatory. The three-day meeting is a convivial event with ideas and information exchanged over great food.

It was originally founded and co-chaired by Alan Davidson, pre-eminent food historian and author of The Oxford Companion to Food and Dr Theodore Zeldin, the celebrated social historian of France.

Since 2009 Jake has designed everything for the Symposium including: menu cards, posters, branding, schedule, award certificates, sculptures, banners, website and more. He has also been a trustee.

Friday Supper. Created and cooked by Rowley Leigh of Le Cafe Anglais.
Saturday Sausage Fest Created by Ursula Heizelmann
Gaziatep Turkish Lunch presented by Anissa Helou, Aylin Oney Tan.
Mad Hatters Tea Party.
Sandwich Sunday Lunch, created by Susan Haddleton.
Italian Risorgimento Lunch, created by Claudia Roden.
Clean Monday Lunch presented by Algalia Kremezi.
Mexican Day of the Dead lunch presented by Sage Bernard Conran, Tom Conran and Fernando de la Cruz.
Friday Dinner cooked by Shaun Hill of the Walnut Tree.
Samuel Pepys Feast for Harlan Walker. Created and cooked by Fergus Henderson and Bompass & Parr.
Turkish Saturday Lunch Created by Anissa Helou.
The Language of French Gastronomy. Created and cooked by Raymond Blanc & Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons.
Brazilian Caipirhnas Buffet. Created by Marcia Zoladz.
The Feast of Cockaigne. Created and cooked by Jeremy Lee, Blue Print Cafe.
Chinese lunch devised by Fuchsia Dunlop in association with Barshu in London.
Irish Banquet. Created by Dave Power and Pádraic Óg Gallagher.
Norwegian lunchbord. Created by Pål Drønen, Terje Inderhaug, Ove Fosså and Svein Fosså