Celebration80 pages, full colour, 14.8 x 20 cm

A celebratory publication featuring recipes and
memories gathered from 31 distinguished
Symposiasts past and present to mark the 30th
anniversary of the Oxford Symposium.

Edited by Jill Norman, designed by Jake Tilson,
introduced by Theodore Zeldin, the guest-list features
Ken Albala on Breakfast, Raymond Blanc’s Essence of
Tomato, Sophie and Michael Coe’s Borshch, Fuchsia
Dunlop’s Bowl-steamed Belly Pork, Anissa Helou’s
Tabbuleh, Geraldene Holt’s Rose Petal Angel Cake,
Ursula Heinzelmann’s Black Forest Gâteau, Tom Jaine’s
Provençal Fish Soup, Bruce Kraig on Mexican Uchepos,
Paul Levy’s Dill-pickled Cucumbers, Elisabeth
Luard’s Butter Beans with Black Truffles, Laura
Mason on Sir Kenelm Digby’s Cordial Tablets, Harold
McGee’s Pressure-cooked Eggs, Jill Norman’s Spiced
Beef, Sri Owen’s Boned and Stuffed Balinese Duck,
Gillian Riley’s Chicken with Verjuice,Alicia Rios’s
Potato Omelette, Cherry Ripe on Oxford in the 1980s,
Claudia Roden’s Shoulder of Lamb with Rice Stuffing,
William Rubel on how to prepare a Gingerbread House,
Helen Saberi on Alan Davidson’s favourite Trifle Belle
Hélène, Maria-José Sevilla’s Pear and Black Pudding
Pie, Ray Sokolov’s Persimmon Ice Cream, Aylin Tan’s
Asure, Robin Weir on Mrs Marshall’s Parmesan Parfait,
Barbara Wheaton’s Roast Peacock and Sami Zubaida on
Mahmud’s Curry and its Mutations.