Studio reset1992MEDIA: Audio works, website, collage, photography
On February 3rd 1992 Tilson emptied his entire studio of tools, materials and books. Until this point ideas for new projects had occurred through open ended investigation allowing for chance and accident. Photography, writing, recording, observing, gathering objects – all without an end product in mind. The problem with starting on a new project along similar lines to The Terminator Line was predictability. Tilson felt that merely choosing another city from which to work would not stimulate interesting work.
As he says

“By 1992 I wanted to make a radical change in the way I worked and made a conscious decision to stop making work in the way I had been. On February 3rd I emptied my over flowing studio of everything - old collage material filled a skip.
Over the next months I bought new audio and video equipment - setting up a small audio-visual studio. I started to experiment with sound, photography and words - and I bought my first Apple Mac. I made some very bad music.”

In the 80's and early 90's much of the work Tilson made was exhibited in commercial galleries, art fairs and exhibitions. Some of his other works bypassed the gallery system and were distributed in bookshops, museum shops and newsagents. The new work Tilson had planned didn’t require a gallery – which was just as well as the gallery he had been showing in, Nigel Greenwood, closed down. The new work also brought together changes in the way Tilson considered and approached research, creation, delivery and audience.
True Experimentation requires you push until you fail
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