One World1987
MEDIA: Clothing, book, badges, prints, three-dimensional collages
A collaboration with Jeff Banks, Warehouse plc, to create a clothing collection under the banner One World. The project extended beyond clothing into prints, badges, in-store exhibitions and a book. Jeff Banks from the clothing company Warehouse had been aware of Jake’s work through exhibitions and in particular through Atlas magazine and his various books. Tilson’s publishing ventures which he described as “distributed art” often acted as a crossover to a design orientated audience, leading to interesting collaborations.
The book was given away with T-shirts or available by a donation in all Warehouse shops. Donations and a percentage of clothing sales went to the charity Shelter. There was an exhibition of specially commissioned collages at Warehouse shops in London and Liverpool.
All the promotional and press materials were designed by Jake.
The project was shortlisted for Manchester Art in Production Prize.

We wanted to attach ourselves to the notion of universality, a concept which Jake opened my eyes to when I first saw his work.
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