Tsukiji Fish Market
Current studio project
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The starting point for Tilsons' current studio project is the vast chaotic Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo with its makeshift mercantile architecture - layered with typography and a patina of seafood.

Phoenix Finds
Battersea Arts Centre
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A large scale installation of objects retrieved by Jake Tilson from the aftermath of the fire in the Grand Hall at Battersea Arts Centre.

Common Ground
Venice Biennale 2013
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A large scale installation in the Venice Biennale. Photos, found objects and audio from The Cut and Lower Marsh in London. Part of the Haworth Tompkins exhibit.

A Net of Eels
Wapping Project 2009
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Mixed media exhibition with Kyoichi Tsuzuki. A playful and evocative exploration of the complex cultural and culinary significance of the eel in Japan and the UK.

In at the Deep End
Cooking Fish Venice to Tokyo2010 - ongoing
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Jake's second cookbook, plus an App, podcasts and multiples.
Still an ongoing project in 2015.

A Tale of 12 Kitchens
Family Cooking in Four Countries 2001-2006
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Jake's first cookbook, plus associated printed multiples and events.

Independence Lunch
South London Gallery
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Diorama, book and website. A celebration lunch for South London Gallery staff during the installation of the show Independence, cooked only with ingredients from independent grocers and markets in Peckham. 

3 Found Fonts
An Exploration 2003
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3 typefaces from Italy and a book, from which other works evolved: a diorama, prints on metal, photoworks and rubber-stamped text on walls.

Web works
4 commissions 1997-2001
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A series of collaborative works exploring the web as art.

City Picture Fiction 1991-99
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Explorations in cities in Europe, North America, India and Japan.
Audio works, inkjets, websites, video and collages.

The Cooker 1994-2001
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Tilson's award winning, pioneering website TheCooker.

Dry Signals 1992-93
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A series of large-scale paintings to round off his work based
around The East Village in New York.

Studio reset 1992
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February 3rd 1992 Tilson emptied his entire studio of tools,
materials and books.

The Terminator Line
New York City 1987-90
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A wide ranging project using the East Village in New York
as the starting point. Dioramas, collages, books, film, prints.

One World
Warehouse PLC 1987
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A collaboration with Jeff Banks and Warehouse PLC
to produce clothes, prints and a book.

Breakfast Special 1986-87
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5 cities, 5 breakfasts, 5 stories, 5 starts to the day.
Books and editioned collages .

Excavator Barcelona 1985-88
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A series of collages, diorama and a book
focussing on the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.

The Highstreet SW11 1983
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8 dioramas, a street in pre-gentrified South London.

Ground Zero Inc. NYC
24 Hour Service 1980
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A life size New York shop front bristling with the political
paranoia of the late 1970s and the threat of nuclear war.

Early painting and printmaking1977-80
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