Phoenix Finds2015-2018MEDIA: backlit photographs, fire-recovered mixed media
A large scale installation of objects retrieved by Jake Tilson from the aftermath of the fire in the Grand Hall at Battersea Arts Centre. Made in association with Haworth Tompkins Architects.In 2015 Jake made visits to the Grand Hall picking his way through the wreckage armed with a small archaeologists spade and a camera encased in cling film for protection against the fine ash. As he dug amongst the debris he was drawn to objects with a human touch, tools of the trade; microphones, music stands, lighting equipment, hammers, tool kits, drapes and architectural hardware.

In 2017 he produced a 250 page photobook , The Lavender Hill Phoenix, as a record of the project. The book sits on a plinth in the Battersea Arts Centre lobby to be seen by visitors and copies were also sold to help raise funds for the Phoenix Season. An abridged paperback version was published by Atlas in 2018.

During these years Tilson had stored boxes and boxes of the original fire damaged finds at Battersea with the plan to use them at a later date in a public artwork within the building. The natural resting place for these objects and a selection of photographs from the book was the Grand Hall Bar which was being refurbished and designed by Haworth Tompkins. The works were installed in August 2018 just in time for the Phoenix Season at Battersea.

Jake Tilson
title: Phoenix Finds
date: 2015-2018
media: 70 backlit photographs, fire-recovered mixed media
size: 8.1 x 2.3 metres

With thanks to Steve Tompkins, David Jubb, Imogen Long, Martin Lydon, Scott MacColl, Georgina Parker, Thea Jones, and Monty.