Breakfast Special, 1986-89
MEDIA: Book and set of editioned collages.
A book/print project that creates a bridge between Tilson’s work on Barcelona and what follows next: Alphabet City in New York. It’s also a project that begins to look at a growing fascination - what are the small things that make cities different from each other? In this case – five cities. 5 cities, 5 breakfasts, 5 stories, 5 starts to the day. The international scene changes provide an opportunity to explore local atmosphere and detail in which typography is as vital to the descriptive effect as the imagery used. The choice of a specific typeface to reflect each city was important – and to write in the local language, which in Alphabet City meant using Polish.
Tilson uses typographic elements from newspapers, magazines, wine labels and shop fronts to suggest the visual grain of the five cities. Looking back at his work it's interesting to note that this is the first use of food/cooking as describer of place, something that becomes central to his work in the 2000s.

'Whether by intention or not, the overall effect is one of compassion, of man as vulnerable animal undertaking a passage of survival in which his highest hopes are brought down to earth by the needs which determine our everyday rituals ....Breakfast Special is first and foremost a purely visual adventure, and one which succeeds.' Cathy Courtney

2000 Typo, Ikon Gallery Birmingham, touring show.
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1989 Jake Tilson (monograph), text Marco Livingstone, Art Random, Japan.
'To find the true identity of a city eat breakfast in it.
Jake Tilson

Jake delivering the window display to Dillons Bookshop on Long Acre. Photographed at Seven Dials by Jennifer Lee, 1989.

Window display in Dillons Bookshop, Covent Garden; plastic eggs, curtains, globe, clock, menus, cutlery, crockery, canned food and books. 1989