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Tilson is straddling the worlds of fine art and design-orientated commerce with admirable ease.
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Our story concludes… the final issue is here...

Fabulous Fifth Issue of NINJA PEANUT.

Free to download here…
Do pass it on to your friends. 36 furry pages

Pandemic Pantry
£32.99 plus delivery and VAT (where applicable, depending on country)
Introduction by Jake Tilson
84 pages, soft back book, 20 x 25 cm

Oxford Food Symposium 2020 Annual
Herbs & Spices
£34.49 plus delivery and VAT (where applicable, depending on country)
90 pages, softback, 20 x 25 cm

To make these books as accessible as possible they're available as a print on demand books through BLURB at cost price, you just pay the printing and shipping.

This was in response to the Oxford Food Symposium being a virtual event this year to discuss the theme Herbs & Spices. In advance of the Symposium I emailed all of the symposiasts asking for candid, unplanned photographs of their kitchens showing how they store spices and herbs. I was lucky enough to get one 122 replies from 22 countries during the pandemic in June, when most of us were in lockdown across the world.... It was a real joy chatting, even briefly, to so many people. There’s ingenuity at play in many kitchens; stacking and racking systems, make-do-and- mend, custom labelling, and knowing that amongst the gorgeous chaos you can still find your favourite spice or herb....Thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute.


"Memories are made of this (whether you were there or not): Jake's fabulous full-colour OFS 2020 Annual gathers together all the visuals from the V-Symp, including herb-and-spice labels and all four of the menus and recipes as demonstrated and discussed by our invited chefs, Asma Khan, David Tannis with Jill Norman, the team from Fogo Island and St. Catz head chef Tim Kelsey (memorable moments).  Richard Shepro and Naomi Duguid write about what it was like to be there."


Download the NHS poster here (PDF), print it out, stick it up.

Download the KEY WORKERS poster here (PDF), print it out, stick it up.

Love Jake - stay safe XXX