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Mapping Chaos, World  Art, vol1 no1.
Generation Gap, Fay Sweet,Creative Review, April p36-37.
Maps and Dreams, Rick Poynor, Eye, no2 p22-31,
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Echtzeit, Infotip, Jan 13.
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Studies the Atlas, Sarah Kent, Time Out, no940 p31.
Atlas, City Limits, Aug 15.
Atlas 3, Cathy Courtney, Art Monthly, no119.
Jake's Progress, Adam Levy, Andy Warhols Interview, Dec.
Atlas 3, William Feaver, Vogue, Nov.
Spine of the Times Atlas 2, Harpers.
The Atlas Method, Steve Taylor, Arena, no3 p121-122.
Atlas 2, Print Collectors Newsletter, May-June.
El Misterio, Atlas 2, I-D, Nov.
Clever & Its Art, Sarah Howell, Observer magazine,p50.
Jake's Thing, Abigail Frost, Crafts, no82, p28-29.
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Atlas 1, Patrick Kinmouth notices Vogue
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Atlas 1, David Shannon Forecast, Honey, Feb.

His books, magazines and objects are crammed with offbeat invention
Rick Poynor - EYE