Atlas 4199358 pp, 11” x 81⁄4”. 28 x 21 cms, sewn in section,
edition of 2000.
plus 80 minute audio CD Foundsounds.
Tri-lingual English, Spanish, Japanese.
Offset litho 1, 2, colour, and 4-colour offset litho. Letterpress frontispiece printed by Cutts & Co in Peckham.

Lee Ranaldo / Sonic Youth
Richard Wentworth
Prof. Howard A. Bern
Maria Chevska
Steve Reich
Dr. Suzanne Evan,
Jake Tilson

Founddrawings By David Blamey,
Malcolm Enright, Jose Suarez Londono,
Mary Moegenburg, Jurgen O. Olbrich,
Marina Warner, Oliver Whitehead.

Atlas Alphabet by Phil Baines, Christa Blackwood, David Blamey, Andrew Cowie, Cornford & Cross, Stephen Farthing, Dan Fern, Sigune Hamann, Nanette Hoogslag, Pui Lee Lau, Jill Koenigsdorf, Mindy Laxer, Adam Levy, Tim Lewis, Marco Livingstone, Marianne Lumholdt, Takuya Matsunoki, Pieter May ,Pamela Pfiffner, Nigel Sherman, Susan Shopmaker,Telfer Stokes, Joost Swarte, Simon Warden.

Editor: Jake Tilson
Published by The Woolley Dale Press

All of the reprographics used in Atlas 4 - on view for students in Communication Design at the Royal College of Art, 1993

Richard Wentworth