Outtakes The Terminator Line

Outtakes The Terminator Line super 8 film by Jake Tilson Atlas 1991.
Soundtrack: cassette
Filmed over several years in the East Village. Tilson would have a Super8 camera ready at all times, whether a medium-sized Chinon with boom mic, or a point-and-shoot Super 8 camera made for cab drivers to record crimes or difficult passengers. All of the cross-fades in Outtakes are created in-camera. He would have to remember what the last shot was, whether it tilted left or right, or was a panned shot. The slow panning shots of debris in Tarkovskys film Stalker were an inspiration.To complement his use of collage throughout The Terminator Line project this film was hand spliced.Tilson also filmed Jake and Jeff Get Married during this period - for which he dubbed collaged sound effects onto the remaining sound strip on the edited Super 8 film. Much of Outtakes used silent film, so there wasn't a sound strip available. The soundtrack was made in Tilson's 8-track analogue studio and then transferred onto a cassette tapeto accompany screenings of the film in London at the Nigel Greenwood Gallery, and in New York at the Dia Printed Matter.

Jake, photographed on Canal Street,
1980s by Jennifer Lee