It is a joy to read and to look at, heart- warming, inspirational...
I love it.

Nigel Slater
A recipe book, an auto-biography and a work of startlingly original graphic design. Tilson's book is a beguilingly original monument to the pleasures of cookery - as craft, art and design.
Tanya Harrod
CRAFTS magazine

 “..I'll cherish this book long after the rest of the cookery books published this year (and probably next) have made their way to remainders shelves... In this elegant artefect, Tilson brings a real artist's eye to bear on food and finds visual correlatives for the contexts in which we eat and cook, and how food is grown, packaged, and bought and sold – and, most difficult of all, for the memories and emotions that surround eating and cooking.”
Paul Levy

Guardian book of the week.
"The artist and designer Jake Tilson is an epic food enthusiast, but in this marvellously layered exploration of his culinary life, he sidesteps tedium at every turn...I have not enjoyed a recipe book so much for a long time; and not many memoirs so ingenuously (and ingeniously) lay their authors bare.. "

Tom Jaine of Prospect Books

 Fresh and Wild
"After a free-range childhood 'Wwoofing' in Seventies Wiltshire, Jake Tilson's life has been defined by cookery - and communes. He explains his consuming passions. "

Fuelling up for the journey
"However, for sheer readability, ... Humility, a truly fascinating life and a lightness of touch keep pretentiousness at bay. ."

Andrew purvis
THE TELEGRAPH - Travel books

 "A Tale of 12 Kitchens is an enchantingly evocative kitchen memoir that chronicles the life and travels of an engaging, convivial, artistic family that loves food and cooking. It is fascinating and the recipes are delicious. Visually, Jake Tilson has created an exhilarating work of art around his love of food."
Claudia Roden
 First Editions
"This beautiful book is as much a work of art as it is a collection of recipes… a fabulous visual feast, a collage of photography, typographic art and drawings, all flanked by acute and often humorous observations on the meaning of food and what it is to be a 'gastronaut'. It's easy to stay up half the night poring over A Tale of 12 Kitchens. I particularly enjoyed Whirlies and Skirlies, a chapter devoted to Scotland and its delicacies… Thanks to the witty writing, amazing art and humour at every page, this tale still lingers on my palate. It had me wanting more."

Sara Valentin

 Nip out for a Book
"a fascinating combination of autobiography, recipes and pictures put together artistically."

Caroline Boucher

 Side Orders
"As much a visual feast as a culinary one. If you enjoy the good things in life as much as good food, dipping into this book should prove satisfying."

 Food for Thought
"A gorgeously evocative food memoir and recipe book by Jake Tilson. It catalogues Jake's many experiences of food, from 1970s Wiltshire to the Peckham of today, via Tuscany, New York, and LA.
Simply stunning.'

 Pick of the Week
"Jake Tilson is not only the author of 'A Tale of 12 Kitchens', he was also the creative force behind the photographs, design, typography and recipes used to bind tales of his family life and travels in a wonderfully personal and evocative scrapbook-cum-recipe book. From childhood meals in London and his family's radical move to self-sufficient farming in Wiltshire, through adventures in the Californian desert, jet lag curing breakfasts in New York and market-sourced dishes in Tuscany, this artist, designer and food lover serves up thoughts, touching memories and some very tempting grub."

Escape - Travel

 Have you seen my lost font?
"What will surely turn out to be a remarkable work of art."